Jon Stewart Mocks Secessionists: 'Stop. Don't. Come Back.' (VIDEO)

While it remains to be seen whether the states saber-rattling about secession will get any further than the petition stage, the situation is certainly cause for concern... well, mild concern. Echoing the reaction many have had to the 30-odd states that have jumped on the "this land is not my land" bandwagon, Jon Stewart summed up his feelings with a clip of Willy Wonka deadpanning, "Stop. Don't. Come back." Sarcasm, noted.

But the totally-not-fueled-by-racism secessionists aren't the only people whining in the wake of Obama's victory. There are a few poor, downtrodden CEOs who had to begin firing people before all the votes were even counted. Bless their hearts.

Watch Stewart's takedown of the melodramatic reaction to the election above, then take our poll.

Secession Attempts