Jon Stewart Mocks Syrian President Bashar Assad (VIDEO)

WATCH Jon Stewart Mocks Syrian President Bashar Assad

Saying he was "sick of the elections," Jon Stewart turned to international news on Thursday night's "Daily Show."

Stewart examined the revelations from Bashar al-Assad's email hacking, which leaked over 3000 emails from the Syrian dictator and his wife Asma. "Finally, an email hack of someone who actually deserves to have their email hacked," Stewart joked.

Assad has brutally quelled a citizen uprising in Syria for the past year, and as Stewart noted, the leaked emails could finally reveal his secret tactics and weaknesses.

Or, as it turns out, the emails could reveal that he downloads music from iTunes, listens to Chris Brown and his wife is a big fan of the Harry Potter movies.

Stewart was perplexed by the strange glimpse into Assad's life:

"This guy massacres his own people with impunity, but makes sure he purchases his music legally? 'I'll taunt NATO and the world community, but even I won't f**k with Apple.'"

Check out the full clip above to see Stewart's take on the Assad, as well as a look into how emails between Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun might have looked during World War II.

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