Jon Stewart: Palin Like A "Moose In Headlights" On Fox News (VIDEO)

Two of Jon Stewart's favorite targets joined forces as Glenn Beck interviewed new Fox News correspondent Sarah Palin. Even the set, which overlooked the Statue of Liberty, was ripe for ridicule. "She's from Alaska. She's not an immigrant," Stewart pointed out, before acknowledging it was better than conducting the interview while sitting on the lap of the Lincoln Memorial -- there'd be no risk of "Freedom Boners."

Stewart went on to break down the interview, mocking Beck's decision to read a journal entry he wrote about Palin. As Beck pours his heart out, Stewart is quick to note that Palin freezes like "a moose in headlights." He then compared to Jodie Foster's character in "Silence Of The Lambs," with Beck, of course, being Hannibal Lecter.


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