Jon Stewart Mocks Trump & Palin's Latest Political Gaffes (VIDEO)

Thursday night's "Daily Show" made a brief departure from all the talk of Osama Bin Laden to catch up on the GOP's search for a 2012 presidential candidate. Jon Stewart couldn't help but notice that frontrunners Donald Trump and Sarah Palin ("The Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr" of the GOP) were absent from the first debate. He then went over their latest gaffes.

Donald Trump's newest golf-related PR blast has him comparing his opposition to same-sex marriage to his reluctance to trying a new putter. With a set-up like that Stewart coudln't resist the obvious joke.

"I don't want to say anything but, I think gay people and straight people use the same putters," Stewart said. "...It's really a matter of hole selection."

While Trump is off being a "traditionalist" in both marriage views and golf club choice, Sarah Palin is still as entertaining as ever.

Watch Stewart's segment below and hear him rip her for the "important political advice" she gave Obama on the dead Osama bin Laden photos via Twitter (of course).