Jon Stewart: MSNBC Is The New Fox News (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart: MSNBC Is The New Fox News (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart declared MSNBC the new Fox News Monday night on "The Daily Show," saying MSNBC has stepped up to be "the mouthpiece of this new administration."

Stewart ran down a list of MSNBC's "foot-soldiers" and their Fox News equivalents:

  • Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly: "freakishly oversized, ruddy-faced Irish multi-millionaire still clinging to his blue collar roots — and it helps if he's quick to anger"
  • Keith Olbermann and Sean Hannity: "partisan ideologue who fears for the world if it's in any way touched by the hands of his political enemies"
  • Joe Scarborough and Alan Colmes: "token from the other side of the aisle, a good-hearted yet somewhat hapless fellow who exists purely to give drunks in bars a name to shout out when they're in arguments over your network's ideological purity"
  • Rachel Maddow and Steve Doocy: "complex eloquent even-tempered lady"

But as Stewart pointed out, citing their recent ad depicting a dark, change-filled world, Fox News won't go down without a fight. Stewart summarized the ad as follow:

"Stay with Fox News: we will protect you from raging fire, Iranian nut jobs, angry gay lovers, and the Jew whispering to the black man."


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