Jon Stewart Learns How Muslims Can Be Less Scary And More American

The case of a Muslim woman denied an unopened can of soda on a United Airlines flight because the flight attendant said she might use it as a weapon had Jon Stewart wondering just what kind of weapon a soda could be in the first place.

"You mean a carbonated grenade?" senior religious correspondent Hasan Minhaj told him on Wednesday night's "Daily Show."

"We're crafty. Anything on a plane is a weapon to a Muslim. The corner of a Dorito chip can slice the neck," Minhaj explained. "You think that seat cushion is a flotation device? You are wrong -- that is a smothering pillow. You see a SkyMall, I see a paper-cut katana."

Minhaj told Stewart that there's a hierarchy of religions in America, with Islam ranking just below devil worship -- and that even a simple headscarf can seem scary to Americans.

So how can Muslims be less scary to Americans? Minhaj has some ideas in his "Muslim Makeover," starting with changing a name such as Mohammad to just "Mo."

Check out the segment on the soda can above, and watch the "Muslim Makeover" below.