Jon Stewart Loses It Over Senate's Misguided Drone Criticism (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stewart Loses It Over News Leaks

In recent weeks, it's come to the media's attention that the number of civilian deaths from drone strikes during the Obama administration is in the single digits. However, it's also come to the media's attention that the Obama administration's definition of "civilian" is pretty different from the one you'd find in the dictionary.

In other words, the number of civilian casualties are so low because it's pretty impossible to be considered a civilian in one of these war-torn countries.

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart looked at politicians' outrage at the issue as a good sign. At first, at least.

"Yes. Finally. Bipartisan agreement on something important," Stewart said after seeing both Republican Senator McCain and Democratic Senator Feinstein agree that an investigation was necessary in regards to the drone information.

But he spoke too soon. It turns out the thing politicians take offense at in this whole ordeal isn't the sneaky definition of the word civilian, but the fact that the story has somehow been leaked to the press.

They want an investigation to find the source of the leak.

"That's what you're upset about?" Stewart joked. "It is an inconceivable breach of universal human rights to tell us about the kill list! The president is killing people with flying robots, and you should not know that!"

Watch the full clip above.

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