Jon Stewart: Newt Gingrich Latest 'Zombie' GOP Frontrunner Who Doesn't Know He's Dead (VIDEO)

If it feels like the 2012 Presidential election has been going on for years by now, the opening segment on Thursday night's "Daily Show" will remind you why. In another round of Indecision 2012 coverage, Jon Stewart laid out why the GOP really can't decide, how the media creates and then kills frontrunners and why Newt Gingrich is the latest "zombie" candidate who doesn't know he's already dead.

This past July, you'll remember that Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann was the undisputed favorite in the GOP field. But just two months later, after Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the race, it was "curtains" for her campaign.

"It's amazing what paying attention to a candidate can do to their candidacy," Stewart joked.

Now, only a couple more months after Perry's surge in the polls, his recent "Oops" gaffe has set him back, paving the way for former pizza empresario Herman Cain's "meteoric" rise in the polls in October. But it only took about a month for Cain's meteor to crash into the earth, in the form of a sexual harassment scandal anyway.

Which brings us to ol' Newt. Yes, Gingrich is the latest candidate to have his turn at the top of the polls, but as Stewart anticipated, this just means we'll soon be finding out "new reasons why he sucks." And with the recent report that he may have earned $1.6 million as a consultant for Freddie Mac, some members of the media have already declared him "dead on arrival."

There's that zombie analogy again.

"It's like the entire Republican primary is some type of M. Night Shyamalan picture," Stewart said.

Watch the full segment above (or click here to watch on "The Daily Show" website) to hear Stewart's full analysis of Newt's newfound glory.

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