Jon Stewart Mocks 'Square' Newt Gingrich's Twitter Campaign Launch (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks 'Square' Newt Gingrich

Jon Stewart closed out this week of "The Daily Show" with a hilariously unabated takedown of Newt Gingrich and his Twitter campaign launch, mocking pretty much everything about the conservative candidate. For example, did you know that if Gingrich was a superhero, his power would be the ability to "turn things beige?"

The Gingrich mock fest began with the announcement itself, which said he was officially throwing his hat into the 2012 Presidential ring and linked to a YouTube video containing his first campaign ad. Stewart couldn't get over how low-budget the video was, with its solid grey background and music that sounds like it should be in the background of a Sega Genesis game:

"Who thought it was a good idea to do your 'state of the art' campaign computer launch in a Sears photo booth with a Casio accompaniment?"

Next, Stewart had to address that Gingrich didn't make his announcement on TV like everyone else. Does his social media use mean he thinks he's young and hip? Stewart assured him that "no matter how clever your hashtags be," it's just not going to work because he's "not cool."

"You're what might be known to your generation as 'a square,'" Stewart said, before suggesting Gingrich might have been better off announcing his candidacy via SuDoku puzzle.

Stewart indeed had a field day with Gingrich, but it wasn't all negative (however he does work in a hilarious chyron of Gingrich as the beige-inducing superhero). Stewart cited the show "20/20"'s failed attempt at appealing to the young demographic as a warning, and encouraged him to put down the phony Twitter account and embrace who he really is: a Smartypants.

Watch the full segment below, including Stewart's advice on where Gingrich should really be seeking votes.


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