Jon Stewart Says What Everyone's Thinking About the NFL's Handling Of Ray Rice

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart had some choice words for the NFL in the wake of the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal.

"You done fucked up," Stewart said.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said no one in the league had seen the video of Rice punching his then-fiancee in the face before it announced the initial two-game suspension in July, a punishment many felt was far too lenient.

Rice was suspended indefinitely and cut by the Baltimore Ravens this week when the video became public. But The Associated Press reported that a police source had sent the video to the league -- back in April.

"So you had the tape, and you want us to believe that you did not look at it. Well, I think we're all pretty aware of the NFL's obsessive-compulsive tape-watching addictions," Stewart said. "For God sakes, you get 24 angles in high-res slow-motion just to see whether or not a man's knee goes over an imaginary line before his hand crosses a different imaginary line."

Check out the clip above for more of Stewart's sack of the NFL.