Jon Stewart: Obama Budget Speech Hurt Republicans' Feelings (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart closed out this week of "The Daily Show" talking about President Obama's budget speech on Wednesday, which offered a broad alternative to the Republican budget plan even though it somehow managed to make a tax hike sound like a spending reduction.

Republicans took issue with the rhetoric and tone Obama used in his speech, particularly Rep. Paul Ryan who presented the Republican budget proposal and was invited to sit in the front row of Obama's. Ryan and conservative pundits didn't appreciate Obama's dismissal of the GOP plan, but Stewart thought they were overreacting to Obama's harsh tone.

"Seriously guys, grow some sack! It's like, 'Hey that Kenyan Socialist Muslim whose word I take that he was born in America -- is so mean to us!"

Thankfully, you can always count on Vice President Joe Biden to do something to break the tension. During Obama's budget speech, that just happened to mean falling asleep in his chair. Hear Stewart's thoughts on that in the clip below:


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