Jon Stewart Takes On Obama's Libya Speech, Strategy & 'Squirmish' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart spent almost the entirety of Tuesday night's "Daily Show" talking about one thing: President Obama's speech to the nation Monday on the situation in Libya, "10 days after we started bombing the country" as Stewart put.

Continuing his "America At Not-War" series, Stewart did a three-part segment about what Obama is doing in Libya, what his exit strategy is and just what exactly we're calling this thing.

In the first part, Stewart goes over Obama's intentions: to defend the Libyan people, as well as our allies and best interests. While he mostly agreed, Stewart mocked Obama for not focusing on domestic issues, fighting Muammar Gaddafi without planning a regime change and saying our exit strategy is to turn the operation over to NATO.

"Wait, we're NATO!," Stewart said."That's like Beyonce saying she's ceding control to Sasha Fierce!"

Stewart did praise Obama on one specific item, in part two. His explanation of Libya, however complicated the situation is, was clear and sensible. Obama detailed why we were specifically there while also asserting that we can't use our military to protect every place where oppression occurs. Stewart appreciated that he didn't use the same "soaring freedom rhetoric" Eisenhower, Carter, Clinton and both Bushes used:

"This is the delicate dance of the presidency, to balance the high-minded rhetoric of our ideals, with the more base and pragmatic immediacy of our needs," Stewart said. "Obama just gave us a little less poetry, and a little more long division."

One question remains, however: is this a "war"? Stewart had to share one clip he found of Sarah Palin discussing the subject on Fox News where she invents an interesting moniker by accident: "squirmish."

Watch all three parts of Stewart's coverage below, including part three which focuses primarily on coming up with a better word for the operation than "squirmish" or the already-suggested "kinetic military action" and "turd sandwich."

WATCH: Part One

WATCH: Part Two

: Part Three