Jon Stewart: "Oh, Bill Kristol, Are You <i>Ever</i> Right?"

Jon Stewart: "Oh, Bill Kristol, Are YouRight?"

This segment may not have been about new super-qualified NYT columnist Bill Kristol, but how can we resist a Bill Kristol hed? It's relevant insofar as it relates to the news that Fred Thompson dropped out of the GOP race — an inauspicious end to what had been heralded as a great Republican hope. Stewart calls back to that time with a parade of talking heads opining on Thompson's awesome powers of Presidentia (is that a word? It is now). One astute commentator called him Reaganesque, which must've mean that both Hillary and Obama are fans! (Becuase they love Reagan. Just ask them! About what the other one said.) Said Kristol, back in the day: "Fred Thompson knows what he's doing, and he will be formidable." God, those powers of insight. He should really be put to work on some editorial page somewhere. Watch:

The segment also favored Fox Business Channel by including them as one of "the two major financial networks" (ratings be damned!) wherein Stewart described their programming as "Hot Ladies Talk Money With Bald Dudes." Stewart's guest for the program was PJ O'Rourke, discussing his new book about Adam Smith. There's an "invisible hand" joke in here somewhere — oh, to be able to bring that back around to Bill Kristol, but honestly, his stuff doesn't even read like he bothers to type with one.

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