Jon Stewart On Beck's Massa Interview: Why The Night 'Wasn't A Total Loss' (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night, Jon Stewart made the case for why Glenn Beck's now notorious interview with recently forced out Congressman Eric Massa wasn't a 'total loss.' At the end of the hour with Massa, accused of 'groping' his staffers, Beck declared to the camera, 'America, I'm gonna shoot straight with you. I think I've wasted your time. I have wasted an hour of your time. And I apologize for that.'

Stewart: "It appears that Glenn Beck has come up with his new sign off phrase. His 'Good Night and Good Luck.' Every show he can now end with: 'I think I've wasted an hour of your time. And I apologize for that. See you tomorrow.'"

As Stewart points out, Beck began the interview with much higher expectations. Before the show he tweeted "All Americans need to hear him."

"But the more Beck struggled the clearer it became that he was opening Al Capone's vault only to find some dog eared well combed over old men's fitness magazines."