Jon Stewart On Gulf Cleanup Efforts (VIDEO): 'We're All Going To Die!'

Jon Stewart tore into the most recent attempts to clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on The Daily Show Thursday night, getting progressively more incredulous with each one. Stewart starts off with the recent "viral" video that finally dropped-- that's right, the one of oil gushing into the Gulf.

"I like my videos of ruptured oil lines like I like my coffee-- black and full of dead sea animals," Stewart quips. He goes on to mock the ridiculous of trying to cap the spill with a giant dome and then, when that doesn't work, a smaller dome, called a top hat.

"Oh my god!" Stewart cries. "The Mayans were right, we're all going to die!"

And if the top hat doesn't work? Next solution is-- the HOT TAP. This one leaves Stewart a little dumbstruck.

"Our solution to this is to come up with ANAGRAMS??" Stewart says when he finally comes to. "'Oh, we got our best guy on it-- his name is PAT THO. He's developing a PATH TO the cleanup using OAT PHT."

WATCH Stewart satirize the oil cleanup: