Jon Stewart Talks Glenn Beck & 'Jew Fros' On 'Oprah' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart was a guest on "Oprah" today to talk about the "Rally To Restore Sanity," his new book, whether or not he'd run for public office, and his brief stint as an NYU "professor." He even got the chance to play a word association game. Overall it was an action-packed episode but no one got tickets to another continent.

Stewart first walked on stage with a suitcase, assuming that Oprah will be jetting him to Australia after the show. He then got right into talking about his upcoming rally, saying it's going to be a day for individuals who say, "Yeah, I'm not crazy about paying taxes, but I do like having sewers."

Aside from the rally, he also got Oprah to plug his other latest venture, "Earth: The Book," and took Oprah's comment that it would make a good Christmas present to mean she'd make it her book club pick.

"I believe Oprah Winfrey just said out loud 'this is one of my 'favorite thiiiiiiings!'" Stewart mocked. "Eat that Franzen!" But Stewart really is serious about promoting his new book - He also brought a clip showing his surprise lecture at an NYU media class, in which he gave every person a copy.

Later, Oprah moved on to the big stuff, asking Stewart if he'd ever run for public office, which he adamantly denied. "I make jokes," Stewart said. "I don't solve problems."

And make jokes he did. He and Oprah ended their interview with a word association game, where Oprah showed him photos of Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, Glenn Beck, and more, and asked him to say the first thing that came to mind.

The best, by far, was the photo of Glenn Beck, to which Stewart said, "He's my money maker!"

"You know what I call him?" Stewart added. "My kids' college fund"