Jon Stewart Tears Into Cable News For Turning Police Shootings Into 'Screensavers'

The 24-hour news cycle has the media honing in on certain images and replaying them again and again. As Jon Stewart pointed out on Wednesday night's "Daily Show," the most replayed images from the first two days of Hillary Clinton's campaign included that of a flock of reporters chasing her van on foot.

But in some cases, the media has taken even important and newsworthy pictures and video and overused them, with devastating images of police violence being turned "into screensaver mode... running as background wallpaper in your discussion," Stewart said.

"It's been happening for months now. News shows were looping the Eric Garner choking footage like it was a GIF on a Buzzfeed list," Stewart said. "And I assume the Buzzfeed list would be 'The 10 Funniest Kitten GIFs On The Internet... Still Won't Erase The Pain Of This Police Brutality GIF."

Stewart called for it to stop... right now.

"Listen, news media, turning the last moments of someone's life into newzac that just plays in the backgrounds of discussions slowly robs those images of their power. And more importantly the people in the videos of their humanity," Stewart said. "And we've gotta nip this trend in the bud, because unlike Blockbuster, these types of videos ain't going away. The ubiquity of cellphones is far outpacing police awareness of the ubiquity of cellphones."

See Stewart's full takedown of the media in the clip above.



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