Jon Stewart Fires Back At Politifact Over War On Christmas (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart's war on Christmas has hit a small snag, and it's all because of the folks at the History Channel.

Last week, Bill O'Reilly and Fox News brought back their famed coverage of the perceived cultural threat against Christmas, and Stewart responded by declaring his own war on holiday. The two have been been lobbying back and forth ever since, with O'Reilly recently calling Stewart a "pinhead."

On Monday night, Stewart responded to a small snag in his own War on Christmas coverage. His show last Tuesday replayed a clip of a History Channel documentary, which claimed that Congress stayed open on Christmas in colonial times. The fact checking website Politifact said that was flat-out wrong, and gave Stewart their lowest rating: a Pants on Fire.

In response, Stewart hit out at the History Channel and chose to go "straight to the source" for his information. So obviously, he jumped into his DeLorean and traveled back to 1789, where he encountered Benjamin Franklin in the middle of a ... compromised situation. Luckily, Franklin was gracious enough to take a break to answer Stewart's questions about the history of Christmas.

Stewart's discoveries about the holiday? "The more common man spends the day stuffing his face, getting drunk and wallowing in vomit," Franklin said. "Or as I call it, Tuesday!"