Jon Stewart Questions Obama-Nixon Comparison, Blasts Rumsfeld & Cheney (VIDEO)

As the "tropical sh*tstorm" continues to slam the Obama administration, Jon Stewart opened "The Daily Show" for the third time in a row with the scandal as his top story.

This time around, he continued lamenting the fact that all criticisms of the administration now hold more credence than they once did, but he also began to push back on the "Victorious GOP", who can hardly hide its "O" face amidst all the chaos.

Conservative pundits and politicians have all been hammering the phrase "Nixonian" in their talking points, and with that, Jon Stewart took some issue. Perhaps Obama's missteps are much more "Magoovian".

But most importantly, Jon was aghast that two individuals in particular had the gall to say anything about lies and deception.

Watch the clip above and let us know what you think of Jon's Nixon/Magoo theory.



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