Jon Stewart Tears Apart Fox News For Overblown Rachel Dolezal Coverage

The case of Rachel Dolezal, the white NAACP leader who has been portraying herself as a black woman, had Jon Stewart asking, "Whaaaaaaat!?"

On Monday night's "Daily Show," Stewart figured the bizarre story would end with Dolezal's resignation, which also would have ended his "Whaaaaaaat!?' segment.

"Unless of course somebody wants to take a singular incident unrepresentative of any larger construct or trend and force it into exhausting, 24-hour Benghazi Obamaphone culture war dog whistle who-gives-a-fuck-a-tron," he said.

That "somebody" was Fox News, which was looking for a way to blame the whole thing on liberalism. One Fox talking head even said the incident was proof that racism wasn't so pernicious because "if racism was so pernicious, why would a white woman pretend to be black?"

"Yes, yes, a white person," Stewart said, giving the "A" the emphasis. "Why would a singular white person?"

He continued:

“You might also ask, perhaps more appropriately, if being black is such a sweet deal, why are millions of white people ignoring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? How do you make all these sweeping generalizations about it anyway? One lady -- one lady, una mas lady -- in Washington state’s second-largest city pretending to be black. Clearly liberal culture has reached its nadir. Rome has fallen, yet racism is over. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times -- all because a German lady got a weave."

Stewart said he couldn't think of another case so he turned to his "senior black correspondent" -- who turned out to be the not-black-at-all Jordan Klepper.

See Stewart's take on the Dolezal story in the clip above, and watch his discussion with Klepper, and the real senior black correspondent, Jessica Williams, below.