Jon Stewart Reminds Fox That Reagan Created An International Mess

Jon Stewart Reminds Us What Reagan Really Did

As the world watches a bloody revolution in Ukraine unfold, some pundits (mostly those found on Fox News) have been unable to help themselves from pointing out President Ronald Reagan's role in helping stabilize that region in the '80s, and how President Obama should be ashamed that he isn't Reagan. Or something. But on Tuesday's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart reminded us that the truth is a little more complicated.

For instance, Reagan aided some Afghan militants in their battle with the Soviets, and those militants eventually turned into the Taliban. "But we didn't have to fight those guys for 12 more years, and Reagan was simply gone by then"

"The point is, Reagan acted, no matter what the f*** was going to happen!" Stewart joked. "Not like old President Sits On His Hands, Content To Do Nothing But Fire Hell Missiles And Arm Syrian Rebels And Bomb Libya, you know, passive stuff."

Check out the full clip above.

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