Jon Stewart Takes On Washington Redskins Trademark Ruling On 'The Daily Show'

Jon Stewart took on the Washington Redskins trademark ruling that came down earlier this week, in which the U.S. Patent Office ruled that the team's nickname is "disparaging of Native Americans" and canceled six federal trademark registrations. In typical "Daily Show" fashion, Stewart tore apart owner Dan Snyder and the team's "tradition" argument for keeping the name.

"So your argument in keeping your name is, 'You can't just come in here and take over our ancestral property' is what you're saying. I guess what you're saying is we had it first," Stewart said. "It'd be like this. If a group of people taught you how to survive a harsh winter and then you invited that group of people to a feast to show your gratitude to them for helping you to survive. And then after dessert let's say you killed them and took their land. And then years later to commemorate that day you held an annual feast that included a sporting event in which one of the participating teams' names was a derogatory term for the original people that you had killed."