Jon Stewart Reminds Us That Global Warming Is Real Even Though It's Cold Out

Upon returning from his holiday hiatus, Jon Stewart wasted no time getting to what's on everyone's mind: It's really cold. Like, really, really cold. But that's not proof that the global warming "hoax" has been debunked, as some pundits readily claim.

As nice as it would be to see news anchors and reporters come together over the basest of sentiments -- that being "it sure is cold" -- sadly, it was not to be. Several Fox personalities went the Rush Limbaugh route of claiming that the polar vortex that much of the country is experiencing is proof that global warming is a myth.

"The weather where you are on a particular day, doesn't..." Stewart pleaded. "No, don't do this."

Check out the full clip to see Stewart react to those who insist that cold weather is tantamount to proof that global warming is fake.



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