Jon Stewart Hits Republicans Clamoring To Intervene In Ukraine

Jon Stewart opened Monday's "Daily Show" with the latest international crisis that, for better or for worse, America has found itself a party to. Vladimir Putin has commanded the Russian military to invade Ukraine after an uprising sparked by a disagreement over a trade agreement, putting to rest some of the goodwill the country accumulated during the Sochi Olympics.

"Did you learn nothing about the innocent tears of your own crying bear?" Stewart joked, referring to the animated animals during the closing ceremony.

Of course, the crisis has presented Republicans yet another opportunity to attack President Obama for a failure to show military strength, calling on him to intervene with force. Stewart harshly mocked these hawkish senators, such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham: "Let's go to war! It's been 48 hours!"

But he also did not let Secretary of State John Kerry off the hook for stating that the U.S. does not invade countries that do not pose a threat over "phony pretenses."

"Trust me, that is so 2003," Stewart said, invoking Kerry's vote to invade Iraq. He impersonated Kerry: "I voted for it, even though I was against it at the time. What happened is, I ran for president, and was photographed dressed like a sperm... I was windsurfing... I should go."

Watch the full clip above.