Jon Stewart Responds To Joe Scarborough "Napoleon Complex" Jab With Napoleon Sketch

Last night, Jon Stewart reiterated his position on MSNBC's Starbucks-flacking group therapy session known as Morning Joe by remarking, "I like my news like I like my coffee, watered down and stupid." Whoa! Now, that just sounds like the ravings of an angry man! An angry, very short man! Maybe with a Napoleonic complex?

In case you have missed out on this whole saga, Stewart drew the ire of Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough after he criticized the show's sponsorship arrangement with Starbucks Coffee. Scarborough insisted that when he and his cohorts took to the airwaves to fondle and fawn all over the Starbucks brand, it was intended as a sarcastic joke, something that SURELY either Stewart or one of his ninety writers could have discerned. So, The Daily Show made fun of that, too. Then, for some reason, Scarborough responded by calling Stewart an "angry man" with a "Napoleonic complex."

Which brings us to last night, when The Daily Show took Scarborough's admonishments and ran with them anew. This time, a stung and weepy Stewart, smeared with runny mascara, retreated into the bowels of his studio, donned a Napoleon costume, and mounted a horse to retreat in old-timey French emo-sadness. That's when John Oliver, playing tiny Duke of Wellington, taught Stewart to embrace his anger. "Get back in there, and you rage, man. You rage!"

Stewart, citing the cost of obtaining a pony for the bit, said, "I sure hope this feud doesn't continue, I don't think this show can afford it." Well, the good news is that the Morning Joe crew is not going to have any idea how to respond to that whole bit with the horse and the costumes. The bad news is they're likely to hone in on Stewart's throwaway joke, "His show isn't brewed by Starbucks, it's brewed by Massengill!"


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