Jon Stewart Reveals Rally Location (VIDEO)

On last night's "Daily Show", Jon Stewart got down to the important logistical brass tacks of how you can find the Rally To Restore Sanity on October 30th. This is very important! Normally, when there's a big gathering of protestors in Washington, you can find the center of activity simply by following the people who either look like they just emerged from a dark anarchist enclave or like they've piled out of a clown car from the Pretend Populist Patriot circus.

But if this Rally succeeds in attracting normal people who simply love being reasonable, who knows where you'll end up if your strategy is just to shadow normal/reasonable people through the streets of Washington? Typically, this approach would put you nowhere near the U.S. Capitol, that's for sure, and, as it turns out, that's more or less where this is happening.

More importantly, if you plan on being a Rally/March attendee, or just want to play along at home, you are encouraged to make a donation to the event's "designated charity," the Trust For The National Mall. Go to the Trust's website, or simply click "Donate" on the Rally To Restore Sanity's website. (Alternatively, those looking to Keep Fear Alive can opt to contribute to Donors Choose, the nation's most terrifying charity.)

As Stewart says, it's the "reasonable thing to do." As of this posting, the Rally has netted the Trust over $17,000 in donations.


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