Jon Stewart Reveals Sean Hannity's Radical Connections (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity revealed his exclusive, ground-breaking video this week of Barack Obama speaking at a protest for controversial Harvard professor Derrick Bell. Even though the video was already released by Buzzfeed earlier, Hannity promised an uncut, unedited glimpse of Obama's radical ties to Professor Bell.

This ultimately turned out to be a few extra seconds of video in which Obama and Bell hugged on stage. Or, as Jon Stewart put it on Thursday night, "a terrorist chest bump."

However, Obama isn't the only one with a controversial past. Stewart unearthed a Daily Show "Super Top Double Exclusive +1," which revealed Hannity's own radical connections to the likes of convicted perjurer Oliver North, convicted Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy, boxing promoter Don King (who was convicted of second degree murder in 1966) and, most bizarrely, rock guitarist Ted Nugent, who in a fiery rant during a 2007 concert called Obama a "piece of sh**" and said the then-presidential hopeful should "suck on" the two machine guns he was holding on stage.

Stewart summed up Hannity's connections aptly, saying:

"How radical is the crowd Hannity runs with? The guy threatening to stick a gun in the president's mouth is the one who hasn't seen the inside of a jail cell yet."

Stewart was also perplexed at Hannity's timing in revealing the video as damning evidence of Obama's checkered past, saying:

"The guy is already president! He's three years into the job. That's not the time to call references, that's performance review time."

However, Stewart didn't let Obama off the hook either, illustrating that if Hannity concentrated on Obama's presidency rather than his law school days, he could easily find video connecting him to another radical Harvard academic, Larry Summers, who Obama appointed as the director of the White House National Economic Council and who was in favor of deregulating derivative markets. As Stewart noted, "Obama hired him to fix the damage he himself helped create."

Watch the full clip above to see Stewart criticize Hannity's exclusive Obama revelations as well as show the Fox host a thing or two about how to criticize Obama's actual presidency as opposed to his decisions as a law student.