Jon Stewart: Rick Perry The Nominee Republicans Want, Not Romney (VIDEO)

On Thursday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart did his recap of Wednesday night's GOP debate at the Reagan Library and the ensuing punditry that followed. While the media appeared to think Romney had won the night with his talk of jobs and plans, it's Stewart's opinion that Rick "234 executions" Perry is the surefire candidate for Republicans in 2012.

While many of the 24-hour news networks said Romney appeared more "Presidential" and criticized Perry for bold statements about Social Security being a "Ponzi scheme," Stewart thinks the media is overlooking how well Perry connects with Republicans where sophisticated Romney can not:

"Media, you're thinking about this with the wrong part of your brain -- the brain part," Stewart advised, citing the conservative audience's raucous applause at the mention of Perry's execution record as proof. "They own 'The Blindside' on DVD, and yet they thirst for blood!"

And let's not forget Perry's "I hate Cancer" platform. Who can argue with that stance?

What it boils down to, in Stewart's opinon, is that Republicans have a choice between "a guy with a multipoint fact-based plan" and "a guy who will punch cancer in the face." It's not hard to see that Perry's charisma will be a quite a contender in the primaries, but even Stewart fears he will win the Presidency.

What exactly makes Republicans love Perry so much? Watch the clip below to hear Stewart break it down even further -- with science -- and watch the second clip to hear his recap of the entire debate.

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