Jon Stewart On Rick Santorum 'Surge': 'Get The F*ck Outta Here!' (VIDEO)

We'll have to wait until Wednesday night to hear Jon Stewart's take on the Iowa Caucus results, but he returned to "The Daily Show" nonetheless Tuesday night after holiday break and picked up right where it left off: Indecision 2012.

When the show last aired in December, Newt GIngrich was the current GOP frontrunner and seemed like the last presidential "flavor of the week" the party would be trying before the Caucuses in Iowa. So imagine Stewart's surprise when he returned to learn that not only had Gingrich fallen out of favor, but that the GOP was trying one more candidate out for size (that is, before inevitably going back to boring, old Mitt Romney) and the lucky guy is Rick Santorum.

"Get the f*ck outta here!" Stewart said in disbelief before launching into one of his funniest analogies of the GOP primary race so far -- using only a box of Whitman's chocolates.

The chocolates, or, "White Man's Sampler" as Stewart called it, represent this election's crop of candidates. The GOP has been eager to try every single chocolate in the box, even though Stewart knows they'll eventually end up with Romney, that plain chocolate messenger boy everyone saves for last. And Santorum? He's the cherry cordial. You know, the one you try even though you know it's bad -- not to mention it ends up getting goo all over your other chocolates (by the way, don't Google "Santorum").

Watch the full segment above to hear the full analogy, including a new explanation for how Romney has managed to remain so unlikable despite being one of the least controversial candidates out there. Click here to see his other segment about Mitt Romney.