Jon Stewart Rides Donald Trump's 'B***job Roller Coaster'

 Jon Stewart can't stop watching Donald Trump

“Watching this man run for president, it’s like eating ice cream on a roller coaster made of blowjobs, it is so much fun," Stewart said on Thursday night's "Daily Show." 

Stewart then tried checking in on other candidates. He tried... and was quickly bored.

“Donald Trump is the candidate version of the hot dog-crust pizza,” Stewart said. “You don’t want it, you never ordered it. You can’t believe someone came up with it. But now it’s all you want to eat.”

Eventually, Stewart gave in to his need for some Trump.

"For years, we've railed at the press for covering the flashy, stupid stories instead of the important stuff," he said. "But damn. Damn! Sometimes, you've just got to say 'what the fuck' and ride the blowjob-a-coaster."

Check it out in the clip above, and watch for the big ending: A "Grease"-style musical tribute to The Donald. 

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