Jon Stewart Rips Blunt Amendment, Mitt Romney For Flip-Flopping On It (VIDEO)


Jon Stewart picked up where he left off in the great contraception debate on Thursday night's "Daily Show," focusing on the Blunt Amendment, or one Republican Senator's attempt at overriding President Obama's healthcare mandate.

While the Senate voted against the measure suggested by Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt earlier on Thursday, Stewart used the first half of his show to sound off on how inane it is to allow employers to refuse to cover any kind of health care service by citing moral or religious reasons:

"It's called the Blunt Amendment -- after how high you'd have to be to think you're going to pass this f*cking thing!"

Although the measure was only a week old, Stewart wasn't surprised to learn that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney had already taken two positions on it. He first told press, "I'm not for the bill" but four hours later said, "Of course I'm for the Blunt bill" and that the first question was misleading. In light of this, Stewart suggested we invent a new measure of time to better describe how much time passes between Romney's changes of conviction. Science? We're waiting.

Watch the full segment above to see Stewart skewer C-SPAN footage of the amendment's Republican supporters, including his discovery that one reason they are anti-contraception programs is because they lead to more "empty sex."

"And I'm pretty sure they meant that in a negative way," Stewart joked.

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