Jon Stewart Rips Ed Schultz For Rick Perry Clip (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart let Ed Schultz have it on his Wednesday show, harshly mocking the MSNBC host for his out-of-context airing of a Rick Perry clip.

Schultz's playing of the clip -- which seemed to show Perry referring to President Obama as a "big black cloud," though he was actually referring to the national debt -- drew widespread scorn, and Schultz issued a full apology for airing it on his Tuesday show, saying it was a "mistake" and an "error." That didn't seem to satisfy Stewart, who devoted around six minutes to Schultz.

He said that Schultz "never really addressed his insinuation about what Perry meant," but that, with clouds, "some people see a racist dog whistle [and] some people see George Washington wrestling a leprechaun."

Stewart then brought on John Oliver and Wyatt Cenac, who said that Schultz was the "real bigot" for referring to many, many things with colorful language such as "red herring" and "pink elephant" over the years.

Stewart has long been open in his dislike of Schultz. In February, he called Schultz "a heavy-set man shouting at you," prompting an angry response from Schultz on Twitter.


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