Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News' Nazi Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

On Monday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart chose to forgo a big segment on Keith Olbermann's MSNBC departure (unlike like his counterpart Stephen Colbert) and instead picked up where he left off last week, with an expose on Nazi name-calling in Congress and the media.

Last week, Stewart had some strong words for Rep. Steve Cohen, who likened the Republican party's views on government-owned health care to Nazi lies. To his surprise, Stewart's comments were echoed all over Fox News, with everyone -- including Karl Rove -- saying Cohen should be ashamed of himself.

"If that guy is telling you you should feel shame, that's like Charlie Sheen showing up at your intervention to tell you to take it down a notch."

Although the majority of Fox News pundits spoke out against Nazi name-calling, it was Megyn Kelly who took it to a hypocritical level by saying that kind of rhetoric doesn't exist on Fox News.

As he does best, Stewart produced an impressive slew of clips showing Fox News pundits using Nazi comparisons, including Bill O'Reilly's mind-boggling claim that there's "no difference" between what Hitler did and what HuffPost does.

But he didn't stop there. Watch the rest of the clip to see Jon Stewart find more than just unfair Nazi comparisons on Fox News, but an instance of such name-calling within the same 24 hours of Megyn Kelly's comment, a Fox News pundit making the same Joseph Goebbels comparison as Steve Cohen, Fox News President Roger Ailes calling someone Hitler, and another Nazi remark on Megyn Kelly's own show.

"Well, Ms. Kelly," Stewart said. "Don't you look ridiculous now?"