Democalypse 2012: Jon Stewart Rips Gaffe-Obsessed Media (VIDEO)

On Monday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart found himself longing for the election seasons of yore, when a simple "read my lips" was enough fodder to keep news outlets talking for weeks and even months.

But with this new, minute-by-minute campaigning process, where the President has a Tumblr and you can find a pundit on your TV screen at virtually any hour of the day, the news cycle craves gaffes -- because, let's face it, we love them.

Stewart has dubbed the phenomenon Democalypse 2012, and he's fascinated by it.

For instance, President Obama recently found himself in hot water after claiming that the private sector is "doing fine."

"Congratulations, Mr. President," Stewart joked. "It's a gaffe!"

Within two hours, the Romney camp had made and released a political attack ad, calling Obama out of touch, which Stewart posited meant that, "the gaffe is being nurtured and fed in the hopes that one day it becomes a mature talking point."

But, as sure as Madonna's sad ploys for attention, within hours another political gaffe had washed up on the shores of the media's coverage and the nation's collective focus shifted to Mitt Romney's remarks about teachers and firefighters.

It's all just part of the "Gaffe Cycle" according to Stewart.

Watch the full clip above.