Jon Stewart Slams Jim Cramer Again (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart Slams Jim Cramer Again (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart, whose pointed takedown of the network CNBC last week has already become legendary, returned to the subject Monday in response to host Jim Cramer's complaint that he was taken out of context during the segment.

Stewart began by clarifying that the "Daily Show" had planned to air its epic dissection of CNBC's follies before the now infamous Rick Santelli was scheduled to appear on the program, as opposed to having done so in response to him canceling on that appearance.

In regards to Cramer, Stewart addressed the host's suggestion that the "Daily Show" had used a particular clip from his show "Mad Money" to make it look as if he had recommended buying Bear Stearns stock a week before it collapsed.

Stewart conceded the point to Cramer, saying with a hint of mockery, "I apologize, that was out of context, technically you were correct, you weren't suggesting to buy Bear Stearns. That was something you did five days earlier, in your buy and sell segment." Roll the clip!

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