Jon Stewart Rips Peter King's Muslim Hearings, Ties To Terrorism (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stewart Rips Peter King's Conflicting Views On Terrorism

Jon Stewart spent the better half of Thursday night's "Daily Show" skewering Congressman Peter King (R-NY) for investigating Muslim terrorists when he himself was a major advocate for the Irish Republican Army or IRA.

Not only did King call for a full investigation of the downtown Manhattan mosque's funding and Imam, but recently launched hearings on radical Muslims in the United States, questioning whether or not American Muslims are doing enough to root out terrorists. Stewart found this ironic as he has "some hands on experience rooting for terrorists."

Now that his conflicting views are known, would King be apologizing, resigning or otherwise throwing in the towel like NPR's Ron Schiller did after being caught bashing the Tea Party? No, instead he called the people who find hypocrisy in his views "uninformed."

"Oh that's right! He's a Republican. They don't fold, they double down! 'Oh I see your charges of hypocrisy, and I raise you a go-f**k-yourself.'"

Watch the full clip below to hear more about how Muslim terrorists are different from Irish terrorists, in King's opinion, because the IRA "never attacked America."


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