Jon Stewart Rips Rick Santorum Gaffes: 'How Is It That Mitt Romney Hasn't Crushed This Guy Already?' (VIDEO)

With the political sphere focusing on Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney facing off in the Michigan primary Tuesday, Jon Stewart used Monday night's "Daily Show" to examine both candidates' recent gaffes and controversial remarks in order to find out why neither candidate has secured the frontrunner position thus far.

Stewart focused mainly on Rick Santorum's latest follies, including his admission that President John F. Kennedy's 1960 speech on religious equality in the White House made him want to throw up. Despite the fact that JFK paved the way for Catholics like Santorum and people of other faiths to seek the Presidency, Santorum took the speech as a message that "people of faith have no role in the public square."

"How do you hear 'All faiths are welcome' as 'No faiths are welcome,'" Stewart wondered. "If it makes you feel any better, if JFK were alive today, knowing you were running for President would make him sh*t his pants."

But that's not the only baffling thing Santorum said as of late. Stewart also poked fun at him for calling President Obama "a snob" for saying everyone should go to college. Even better? When Santorum tried to clarify his remarks, he ended up almost directly quoting the President. That, plus the JFK remarks, prompted Stewart to introduce a new segment on the show: "How Is It That Mitt Romney Hasn't Crushed This Guy Already?"

To keep things fair, Stewart also took a look at Romney's latest gaffes, specifically his appearance at the Daytona 500, where he told a reporter he has friends that are NASCAR team owners when asked if he follows racing.

"Is there anything that comes out of this guy's mouth that couldn't come out of Thurston Howell III's mouth?" Stewart joked.

Watch the full clip above.