Jon Stewart Shreds Rolling Stone Over Scandal: 'Someone's Gotta Go'

Rolling Stone's false report of an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia was what "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart called "monumental, fucked-up territory."

Despite publishing a lengthy article in which the sexual assault allegations turned out to be fabricated -- and despite a report from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism detailing all the ways the magazine's writers and editors screwed up -- publisher Jann Wenner said he's not firing anybody over it.

And that doesn't sit right with Stewart.

"Campus rape happens with shocking frequency, a very real, under-reported problem that many college and university administrations have met with a lack of concern and stonewalling," Stewart said. "Victims need help and support. Yet somehow, in a sea of verifiable assaults, you managed to ‘Where’s Waldo’ the only rape story that not only would fail to get your point across, but set the cause back. Someone’s gotta go.”

So if Wenner won't fire anyone over the scandal, Stewart will. Check out his "citizen's firing" in the clip above.



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