Jon Stewart Rips Rupert Murdoch For Interest In LA Times (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart laid into Rupert Murdoch on Thursday for the News Corp. chief's reported interest in purchasing the Los Angeles Times.

In addition to Murdoch's highly controversial reputation as a newspaper owner in wake of the phone hacking scandal, an FCC law stands in his way to purchasing in Los Angeles TImes. Murdoch is vying for the FCC to change a media ownership rule. Because Murdoch owns two television stations in Los Angeles already, the FCC law prohibits him from owning a newspaper in the same city.

After playing news clips summarizing the devastating extent of News Corp.'s phone hacking scandal, Stewart said to Murdoch, "I assume you are asking us to waive our laws as a courtesy, so you don't have to break them." Stewart rejected Murdoch's request to change the FCC law, pointing out that the "law against media consolidation was really written with people like you in mind." He added, "Well actually you in particular, because of how you like to do the exact thing the law was created to prevent."

Jon Stewart ripping Fox News

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