Jon Stewart Calls Out Sandy Weill, Congress For Being 'A**holes' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart 'Fingers Some A**holes and Then Gives Them a Vigorous Tongue-Lashing'

Jon Stewart debuted a new segment called "Jon Stewart Fingers Some A**holes and Then Gives Them a Vigorous Tongue-Lashing" on Thursday night's "Daily Show," and he hit the ground running.

The first two hypocritical a**holes he took to task were former Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill and Congress, both of whom are currently experiencing headline-worthy moments of WTF.

Stewart addressed Weill first. The former banker made a CNBC appearance on Wednesday purporting that the best solution to the financial crisis would be breaking up the banks. It's not a controversial opinion, and Stewart actually seemed to agree that it is the best course of action. The only problem? Weill was one of the foremost people lobbying Congress to repeal the act regulating the banks over a decade ago.

Stewart joked:

He's basically saying we should return to the days of the Glass-Steagall act, which separated commercial and investment banking all the way up until it was repealed in 1999, which set in motion the entire financial debacle of the decade to follow. How'd that get repealed, anyway? Perhaps the memoirs of one Sanford Weill could give us a clue... Oh, right! It was [him]! It'd be one thing if Sandy Weill were saying, 'Hey, we never should have repealed that law.' But it's not what he's saying.

He then moved on to Congress, who is having a big week themselves after a bill addressing the economy was accidentally presented with a pretty huge typo; the word "unemployment" was replaced with "employment," so the bill would require US employment rates to be at 6% before it kicked in. And all of this while the issue of English as the national language is on the floor.

But when Republicans moved to correct the error, Democrats declined to agree to unanimous consent.

Stewart joked:

Let's be clear what just happened: Republicans made a typo, they asked the Democrats if they wouldn’t mind if they went back to correct it and the Democrats said, ‘Yeah, f*ck that.’

Watch the full clip above.

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