Jon Stewart Exposes Sarah Palin's 'Dishonorable' Campaign Fundraising (VIDEO)


Before the media's obsession with whether or not Chris Christie would enter the GOP race, there was the media's obsession with whether or not Sarah Palin would enter the GOP race. But while Christie himself seemed to have very little to do with the national discussion about his potential candidacy, Sarah Palin has dangled the idea of her maybe considering thinking about running in front of her donors for months.

On Thursday night's show, Jon Stewart put all this bus-wrapped indecisiveness in perspective by reminding us of what he said directly to Palin on September 28: "You are either running for President of the United States or you are a crazy person." But now, with Palin having said definitively that she isn't running, Stewart was finally able to call it -- with 100% of Sarah Palins reporting -- for Crazy Person.

But the question remains, what was Sarah Palin doing all this time? Stewart considered whether or not it might be simple narcissism; an effort to steal the thunder from the other candidates. If so, no harm no foul, really.

However, he then revealed that just two weeks ago, Sarah PAC sent a letter to potential donors requesting their financial support. Not a big deal, unless somewhere, somehow there's video proof that Palin already knew she wasn't running.

Oops, there is. Check out how Stewart exposes Palin in the clip and let us know what you think. Is this a dishonorable fundraising scam or was Palin ever really considering running?


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