Jon Stewart Schools Sean Hannity About History, The Food Chain (VIDEO)

There are so many complex problems facing Americans these days that we should all be thankful to Sean Hannity for boiling them down to their simplest, if nonsensical, forms. Love farmers? Kill fish. Love farmers? Hate president. What could be easier?

Among many other causes Hannity has taken up since Obama took office, Sean is deeply upset that the White House is ignoring his call to wipe out a species of fish by raising water levels in order to combat a drought hurting farmers. When challenged by a representative of the Federation of Fisherman, who warned that killing these fish will in turn destroy the salmon population, Hannity's crowd booed. Good thing he had comedian Paul Rodriguez at his side to lend an air of credibility to the broadcast.

Jon Stewart spent almost a third of his show last night mocking Hannity for his ignorance of the food chain and of the historic laws that created reservoirs for these farmers in the first place.


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