Jon Stewart Begs Sean Hannity To Stay In New York With PSA Starring Nathan Lane, Jersey Boys

Like all New Yorkers, Jon Stewart was stunned to learn that Sean Hannity might leave the state following Governor Cuomo's comment about far-right Republicans no longer being welcome.

But unlike the rest of us, Stewart has access to a production crew and the stars of stage and screen who call NYC home. So he did what any concerned citizen would do and made a PSA begging Sean Hannity not to leave.

Those hoodies he doesn't like... gone. Those accents... gone. Gay men marrying straight women... DONE.

"The Daily Show" released the PSA on its own as an exclusive, which you can watch right here:

For Stewart's full segment on Hannity, including the overtures made to him by both the governors of Florida and Texas, see the two clips below:



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