Jon Stewart Endorses Sen. Melvin Dickpictweet For President In 2016 Election

The new year is barely a week old, but the 2016 presidential wannabes are starting to maneuver for prime position. And as Jon Stewart found out on Monday night's "Daily Show," some of them are already running into problems.

For example, former Sen. Jim Webb, a Democratic hopeful, is defending more than $90,000 in payments from his PAC to his family members for work on his website.

"So you're saying Jim Webb is embroiled in a scandal involving a website," Stewart said. "It's the most ironic fall from grace since Sen. Melvin Dickpictweet."

Stewart took a look at the field on both sides, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Fox News host and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and more. After carefully considering the candidates, Jon Stewart announced his pick for 2016.

Get those Dickpictweet '16 bumper stickers ready...

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