Jon Stewart Blasts Senate's Coddling Of JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stewart Blasts Senate For Coddling Bank CEO

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has had to appear before the Senate Banking Committee this week after his company lost somewhere between $3 billion and $8 billion in a bad trade.

But the questioning, which you'd expect to be hard-hitting and stern given the circumstances, has been pretty lax on the end of the senators. In fact, a lot of them seem to be treating the hearings like an HR review, asking questions along the lines of, "How can we help you?"

So on Thursday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart had a few bones to pick.

"Why don't you just put Jamie Dimon in a chair like Cee Lo's from 'The Voice,' and if he hears something he likes, boom. You just earned yourself another term in Congress," Stewart joked.

But not everyone at the hearings has been so lighthearted. Dimon himself actually seems quite apologetic and focused on improvement.

"The truth is, the person hardest on Jamie Dimon was Jamie Dimon," Stewart said. "See, as bad as the banks and the bankers may have been, the one thing that the senators wanted to remind everyone is that government is worse."

The real cherry on the sundae for Stewart, though, was when Tennessee senator Bob Corker tried to get Dimon to speak out against Dodd-Frank in his line of questioning.

"It must be fun to be a Republican senator sometimes," Stewart quipped. "Because you get the fun of breaking sh*t and the joy of complaining that the sh*t you just broke doesn't work."

Watch the full clip above, and check out part one of the segment here.

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