Jon Stewart Shows C-SPAN How To Handle Racist Callers (VIDEO)

"The Daily Show" did an enjoyable segment about the recent on-air incident on C-SPAN, in which a caller from North Carolina went on a racist diatribe about how the network takes too many calls from black people and should thus be renamed as BLACK-SPAN.

What was very nice about the clip was the way Jon Stewart was not afraid to be servicey, offering host Bill Scanlan some advice on how to handle the situation. Like: don't just casually shuffle your papers, as if nothing is happening! Like: don't adopt a "the customer is always right" attitude about the racist idiot mumbling nonsense on your teevee show.

To demonstrate how Bill Scanlan was doing it wrong -- which is something I imagine Jeffrey Goldberg can appreciate -- Stewart helpfully scripted how calls like this should go in the future.

STEWART: Uh, we're going to take a call from St. Pauls, North Carolina. Yeah, Bill, what's on your mind?

CALLER: Yeah, I'd like to make a little respectful criticism here about C-SPAN.

STEWART: Okay, absolutely Bill, thanks very much, go right ahead.

CALLER: If you keep on with the way you have been programming you should change your name from C-SPAN to BLACK-SPAN.

STEWART: Yeah, I'm going to cut you off right there. Go fuck yourself.

Yeah, that's pretty much the right approach.


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