Jon Stewart Slams Cheney For Complaining About Troop Withdrawals; Compares Him To Bin Laden (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart opened his show last night by celebrating the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq's cities. He noted that our troops still occupy the non-urban areas, home to what one would call the bridge-and-tunnel crowd had the bridges and tunnels not been blown up. He showed footage of Americans giving Iraqis back the keys to their own cities and asked, "Can we do that?"

He then moved on to the meat of the show, slamming Dick Cheney for complaining about a withdrawal timeline his own administration had created. Stewart opened this segment by conflating Cheney and Bin Laden, introducing the ex-VP's complaints by saying:

"As you know, the dark figure whose influence in that region has brought so much pain, had to then release one of his ominous and now ubiquitous audio tapes."

Stewart then noted that Cheney's most recent comments are a symptom of Stage 4 Balzheimers disease, meaning his nuts are now the size of baby elephants'.


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