Jon Stewart Slams Chris Christie On Special Election: 'Self-Serving, Corrupt Abuse Of Power... I Miss New Jersey So Much' (VIDEO)

Stewart Slams Christie's 'Self-Serving, Corrupt Abuse Of Power'

Jon Stewart's leaving the country soon to make a movie, so it's probably as good a time as any to burn a few bridges. On Wednesday, Stewart slammed New Jersey Governor, and previous "Daily Show" guest, Chris Christie for holding an expensive special election only three weeks before the general, costing the taxpayers of the state more money.

Stewart rolled 2009 footage of Christie calling such a thing "irresponsible," and then revealed that the governor may have changed his mind in an effort to improve his own chances in the November election. "That is such a self-serving, corrupt abuse of power," Stewart marveled. "I miss New Jersey so much."

Watch the clip above and tune into "The Daily Show" tonight for Jon Stewart's final episode of the summer.

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