Jon Stewart Rips Congress' All-Male Birth Control Panel (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart continued his coverage of the great birth control debate in Washington on Monday night's "Daily Show," this time taking on Thursday's House Oversight Committee hearing that included almost no women.

It's safe to say that Stewart took issue with Republican Chairman Darrell Issa's all-male panel at the hearing. Not only were no women allowed to speak in support of birth control coverage, but the men who spoke against it used such hyperboles as "soul rape" and an allusion to Joseph Stalin to fuel their argument.

"I mean, no one loves their insurance plan, but soul rape?" Stewart asked.

He also pointed out that the Catholic church already provides insurance plans which cover Viagra for men: "Does that rape the soul?"

After taking on more outlandish statements on religion, women's rights and birth control (you can watch the full clip above), Stewart turned to his own (nearly) all-male panel of contraception experts in a new segment called, "Jon Stewart's Eye On The Ladies." We'll let you decide if his panel is more or less balanced than the one our government put together.

WATCH: Jon Stewart's "Eye On The Ladies"

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