Jon Stewart Slams North Carolina's Gay Marriage Ban (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Slams North Carolina's Gay Marriage Ban

It's been a big week for same-sex marriage, with both national and state-level flux on the issue.

Tuesday, North Carolina added an amendment to their Constitution that bans not only same-sex marriage, but all civil unions and domestic partnerships. Even for straight people.

On the other end of the spectrum, President Obama officially endorsed same-sex marriage during a TV appearance Wednesday.

Both events have been met with mixed emotions, but Jon Stewart took some time on Wednesday night's "Daily Show" to give us his take on things.

Regarding the North Carolina ban, he joked: "But you know what, actually? That is a step towards equality, since many opposite-sex couples will now enjoy the same lack of rights same-sex couples have always never had."

And regarding the popular defense that allowing two men or two women to marry would open a Pandora's box of human-dog or human-car marriages, Stewart simply asked: "Does your wife know that you can't see the difference between the consensual love that leads to matrimony and the enjoyment you get from a Dairy Queen Blizzard? Nobody would mistake these two things."

Watch the full clip above.

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